Youth Leadership

I’ve been thinking about the starting point in writing about youth leadership. Should I talk about the issues and concerns of the young people and take it from there? Should it be about organizations and implementing activities and programs? Statistics and cross-section of young people?There are a number of possibilities really. But which should be the starting point for starting a meaningful discussion on youth leadership?When I was thinking of this topic, my own leadership needs and situations came back to me. I was engaged in youth organizations since I was in high school. I attended countless leadership trainings, implemented a number of activities and events for youth. I should say that I have had quite a few experience in youth leadership. I would just want to explore these ideas and share it with others who are into Youth Leadership and ministry in the Philippine setting.What would a typical leadership training activity look like?In my experience, it usually includes lectures on Principles of leadership, a situation of the young people that we are supposed to serve with, how to manage events and programs, program planning, strategic planning, and a little bit of parliamentary procedures. There is usually a section on organizational development and management.Whew! That’s quite a lot! In dealing with youth leadership, these topics should be presented from the perspective of the youth, taking into account their specific needs, their situation in life, and their faith. So where should we start?Our starting point therefore is the leader!What makes someone a leader? Are they born or made? Can we call ourselves as leaders? Is it character, position, power, or divine right? Heheh. We shall explore this in the next few blog posts.

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