Wanted: Volunteers

Hey friends, I didn’t realize that having a 30-minute radio show could be a bit difficult and time consuming. If you’re exploring this kind of ministry. It takes about 4-6 hours every week to complete a 30-minute audio program ready for airing. There’s a ton of tasks to be done: write a script, record the episode, edit and mix the audio, transcribe the program, upload the podcast, publish it here at my ministry blog and promote it via Social Media.

It’s difficult but it has big potentials as a ministry. So if you’re reading this, I need help! Big time!

So, here’s my call. I need volunteers!


Here’s what I need exactly. Read the job description, okay?


Help me write scripts, blog posts and other ministry-related articles and write ups.

Social Media Managers

Are you a netizen who’s always online? You’ll help me promote the ministry blog and the podcast/radio show to all the Social Media outlets available: Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Friendster (Ugh, does anybody still uses this site?)

Voice/Audio Talents

Wanna help me produce audio spots for the GenY Chronicles and for some other programs? If you have a nice-sounding voice and you can pronounce words well, come on, I need you!


My friend Joy hates this kind of job. But if you are a fast typist and can listen well to a recording, sign up will ya?

Graphic Artist

I don’t need a Picasso. 🙂 All I need is a graphic artist who can manipulate photos, create some illustrations as needed and capture a message in graphic/photo format.

Helping with events and training

I also need help with some events and training I do.


If you know how to use kahit yung mga simple or complicated video editing software (Movie Maker, Premiere, After Effects, etc), help me reach out to more young people.

Taga-timple ng kape (okay, that might not be needed really).

Tara inom tayo ng brewed coffee!

By the way, if you volunteer, there’s a fixed term of 3 months! If you ever commit, please set aside time for this commitment. We’ll go through some training and mentoring sessions, tapos at the end of 3 months, we’ll celebrate our accomplishments together and see how we can move forward. 🙂

Here’s how it works.

Step 1. If you are interested, just sign up below.

Step 2. Meet up tayo for orientation on March 30.

Wala pang final venue kaya kailangan ko nung mga mobile number and email nyo. We’ll divide into teams (kung marami tayo) or we get to choose tasks. And by the way, if hindi ka taga-Metro Manila but you really want to help out, pwede rin namang online ang ating interaction! Sign up ka lang!

Step 3. We’ll meet for the first training session on the first week of April.

For the whole three months, we’ll have one training session per month. Don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to meet some subject matter experts. Siempre, di ko muna sasabihin kung sino sila. Surprise!

Step 4. We work together and give feedback to each other.

Simple lang di ba?

Sign up na!

If you have any questions, violent reactions, text me, email me, Tweet or message me.


  1. Hi Mighty..,

    I already submitted my information twice and until now i have not received any information about the meet up/orientation set for 03/30.., 🙂 Open paba ito hehe.., Salamat ng marami…. 🙂

    Jess Stanley AVila

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