Speaking Engagement on”Internet: Friend or Foe”

Greenhills Christian Fellowship will hold the a conference on Celebrate Family: The Challenge of the Family in the 21st Century on June 27, 2009, 9am to 4:30pm at the GCF Ministry Center, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.I was invited to be one of the speakers there on the topic “Internet: Friend or Foe.” There will be two sessions of my presentation. One from 1:00-2:30 and another from 3:00-4:30. I will talk about the boon and the bane of the Internet for teenagers, internet addiction, the Word of God and the Internet and how teens can avoid the pitfalls of using the Internet. Stay tuned to the Voices of Young People in Ministry on June 27 for the livestreaming of my talk. :)Here’s the rest of the topics on the Celebrate Family Seminar.GENERAL TOPICS The Disicpline of Young Children Mrs. Lilian RebongDiscipline is vital in raising godly children. This seminar teaches parents the importance of instilling positive discipline in children.Raising Godly Teenagers Ms. Mina TanchiIt is every Christian parent’s deisre to raise God-fearing children. This seminar aims to teach parents on how to raise teenagers who love and fear God according to what the Bible says.New Life Together Pastor Raul and Ching CaguinThis seminar will discuss topics such as the sacredness of marriage, intimacy of being husband and wife, among others.Empty Nest Rev. Marlon and Yoyit RoldanWhat do you do when all the children are gone? What is life beyond the empty nest? This seminar will teach parents on how to find purpose and passion after children fly the coop.YOUNG ADULTS TOPICS Building Meaningful Lives Elder Dan Andrew and Aileen CuraIn whatever we do, our desire is to make our life matter. What does is take to make your life count in this day and age? This seminar will help answer your questions about the meaning of life.Integrity Pastor BJ SebastianHow to be whole in a society that is fragmented? Honesty is the name of the game. This seminar will teach you the value of integrity.Work-Life Balance – Decision Making Elder Mark and Susan SosmeñaThe demands of everyday life can be chaotic. How do we cope with living beyond our circumstance? This seminar will teach you how to make positive changes and create balance in your life.YOUTH TOPICS The Internet: Friend or Foe Mr. Mighty RasingMultiply, Facebook and Twitter – are they your friendly neighbors or narcissistic nemesis? Learn to use the internet safely and wisely before it uses you.Honoring the Fifth Ms. Wawa PonceObedience becomes a challenge for teens especially when parents seem to be unfair, strict and tough. Discover and understand why it’s cool to obey.Understanding Sex Dr. Bebet SebastianIn a world of promiscuity, staying pure seems to be the unpopular choice among the youth. Don’t be clueless. This seminar will help you deal with sexual issues that face young people today.

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