Events: PBS Launches Youth Bible Congress on Nov’08

The Philippine Bible Society plans to launch Youth Explosion: The Bible Adventure on November 29, 2008. The seeds for this kind of event for young people were planted during the first Philippine Bible Forum in November 2007.The PBS, which translates and produces Bibles for the use of Philippine households, conducted research on the rate of Bible ownership of Filipino youth. Their findings revealed dismal findings, unfortunately. Through this, the organization was challenged to promote the Bible among young people.About 30% of young people own a personal copy of the Bible. Yet, bible ownership is not a guarantee for young people to read the bible and study its spiritual content. The current theme of PBS says: “God’s word: source of reconciliation, justice, and peace.” Surely, the youth needs to be exposed more of the content of the Bible if this vision were to be realized.PBS consulted youth leaders and youth ministers on May 16, 2008. Through this consultation, the Bible Society presented the concept for Youth Explosion and confirmed the need for such an event. The participants affirmed the intention of the PBS and committed to the objectives they presented.Youth Explosion: The Bible Adventure is a one-day event on November 29, 2008 in time for the celebration of the anniversary of the Philippine Bible Society.

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