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Hey friends, do you want a free book? Don’t worry, it’s not just any book. It’s from OMF Literature, a good book on making a stand for the calling in your life. Our generation has been known for its postmodern tendencies and its lack of a “center.” But if you ask me, we still have a lot of young people who make a stand for the things that really matter..

Xtreme Calling
Xtreme Calling
You just might be one of the 5 persons who can get a copy of Xtreme Calling: True Stories of Teens with a Sacred Calling. The book contains the stories of 50 young people who chose to believe and follow Jesus Christ in a world that endorses hedonism and senseless pleasures. Christian artists such as Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns, and Nicole C. Mullen among others shared their own stories in this collection.If you want to get copy of this book, just answer this question:IF YOU WERE A BOOK, WHAT BOOK WOULD YOU BE? WHY?Don’t just answer it, you have to put your answer at the Guestbox of the Multiply account of the Edge Radio at You can also send your answers to Joyce@theedgeradio.netThis contest is brought to you by OMF Literature and the Edge Radio.I wanna join too but I can’t seem to think of a good book right now. heheh

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