Generation Y Chronicles

Generation Y Chronicles is the podcast for the Filipino youth.

In this podcast, we talk about the joys and sorrows, triumphs and struggles of Filipino young people and the trends affecting them. If you’re a young person now, or a young person once (and taking care of young people now), this podcast is for you!

This audio program is part of my ministry as the Philippine Staff of the Young People’s Ministries of the United Methodist Church and is made possible through 1143 DZMR station of the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) – Philippines.



If you cannot listen to the radio stations above, don’t worry, I upload the Gen Y Chronicles episodes every Thursday morning, so you can download and listen to it! If you subscribe via RSS or via Email, you’ll get the episodes for free!

Here’s the Podcast Archive.

  • The Calling of Jeremiah - Si Jeremiah ay isang propeta. May isang Bible book na devoted sa kwento ng buhay niya. Just grab a Bible at hanapin sa Table of [...]
  • #31 – Persevere! - click to download the mp3 September na! Malapit na ang Pasko. Pero bago yan, sembreak muna. Super stressed ka na ba sa school? Here’s [...]
  • #30 – Ilocano Literature with Ariel Tabag - click here to download the episode In this episode of GenY Chronicles, Kuya Mighty chats with Ariel S. Tabag, the poetry editor of Bannawag [...]
  • #29 – Quezon Day Plus Some Recommended Books - click to download the mp3 file of this episode. Hey mga katropa, good evening, o kaya umaga ka naman nakikinig sa ating programa, Good [...]
  • #28 – English vs Native Language - click here to download the mp3 Hey mga katropa, kumusta kayo? This is Kuya Mighty. Magkakasama na naman tayo in the next 30 minutes [...]
  • #27 – Amerikanong Brown? - click here to download Episode #27 If you are using iPhone, iPad, iPod or other Apple products, please click here to Subscribe. iTunes will [...]
  • #26 Usapang Pogi - click here to download the episode. Hello mga katropa! Welcome to our last episode for the month of July, at ang pag-uusapan naman natin [...]
  • #25 – Eh Ano nga ba ang Beauty? - click here to download the mp3 Beautiful ka ba? Sino nagsabi? In this episode, let’s talk about beauty and what makes a woman beautiful. [...]
  • #24 – Cyberbullying - click here to download the mp3 Na-bully ka na ba online? Baka naman ikaw ang nambu-bully? In this episode, Kuya Mighty chats with Mr. [...]
  • #23 – Music Episode Part 2 - click here to download the mp3 Let’s keep the conversation going with Kuya Mighty and the rest of the Y-Fi Radio barkada on what [...]
  • #22 – Music Episode Part 1 - click here to download the mp3 Gaano nga ba kahalag ang music sa buhay ng mga kabataan? Join Kuya Mighty and the Y-Fi Barkada [...]
  • #21 – Using the Web for Studying - click to download the mp3 In this episode, join Kuya Mighty as he gives you tips on how to use the Internet for better [...]
  • #20 – Alternatives to College - Click here to download the mp3 file In this episode, Kuya Mighty talks about the alternatives to College, just in case you’re not able [...]
  • #19 Pag-ibig Kay Inang Bayan - Right click here to download the audio file. Paano ba natin ipahahayag ang ating pagmamahal sa ating inang bayan? Wazz’up wazz’up mga tropa? Ito [...]
  • #18 – Back to School - na ng 1st Semester ng School Year 2013-2014. Medyo late kami sa pag-upload nito but it would still be helpful in helping you survive [...]
  • #017 – A Review of Iron Man 3 -, I know, I know: this is uber late! But don’t worry, we’ll be catching up with the episodes of the GenY Chronicles. Medyo naparami [...]
  • #016 – What’s Your Thirst? - na ang summer tropa, nag enjoy kaba? Madalas kabang nauuhaw? In this episode we are going to talk about our “THIRST”. Ano ba nang [...]
  • #015 Pagpupugay Kay Nanay - is our “Mother’s Day Special” – Pag-pupugay sa mga Nanay! Ito si Kuya Mighty at magkaka sama-sama nanaman tayo in the next 30 minutes [...]
  • #014 – Sinong Iboboto Mo? - unsure kung sinu-sino ang mga iboboto this coming May 13, 2013 elections? Listen to this episode of GenY Chronicles with special guest, Ms. Kriselle [...]
  • #013 – Internet Addiction - Y Chronicles Episode # 13 Dati puro pa text-text, pa tawag-tawag ang ating mga kabataan ngayon meron ng facebook , meron ng twitter, nandiyan [...]

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  1. Hi , guys! I read some of the discussions and I think you would be interested in watching this video. This is about the things that we, Generation Y (young people) seem to do a lot,yet we don’t know why we do it.

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