Filipino Youth Issues and the Pinoy Youth Blog

As part of the revitalization of Pinoy Youth, I have been thinking about the issues that Filipino youth are experiencing nowadays. I have dwelt on issues about the OFW phenomenon and how it is affecting the Filipino youth. Internet and video-game addiction is another issue being faced by the Filipino youth and that’s something that transcends economic class. Whether we as young people are aware of these issues or not, they do affect our lives.The problem is, it is difficult to get young people to think through these things. Besides, if this blog talked about issues and problems all the time, how boring could that get? Heheh. So, Pinoy Youth will also feature the things that young people love–music, websites, social networking, bands, movies, books and a whole lot of things. It will also feature the lives of young people who made history!The Pinoy Youth Blog is a work in progress. So as time unfolds, we’ll see how this blog evolves.


  1. It’s true that internet and video-game addiction has a big effect on youth in our generation today. In good side, it helps a lot for education purposes but in the other hand, it’s not good because it causes too much addiction on youth and using it in their own purposes, bad purposes…
    So, I think that parents should be aware on what their children are doing and give them a proper guidance.

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