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Good music with a positive message! That’s what The EDGE Radio is all about!Back in College, I enjoyed listening to NU 107.5’s Against the Flow. They featured my favorite Contemporary Christian songs from dcTalk, jarsofclay, sixpencenonethericher and Third Day among others. I was hoping for a radio station that could play my kind of music round the clock.When 91.5 Energy FM first aired in Manila, they featured The EDGE Radio every night. Imagine, I could listen to Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) all through the night? They ran from 6pm to 6am.The happy times didn’t last though. After a few months, the Edge went off the air. Good thing, the Internet’s reach in the Philippines is growing. As such, the EDGE aired their programs online! Check them out at http://www.theedgeradio.net/live/.The site features the programs and music played by the EDGE. You can also read updates about the the EDGE radio stations outside of Manila. In Lucena, there’s 90.3 FM, there’s 104.3 FM in Davao. These guys have beaten Manila! I guess, it’s difficult to secure an FM frequency in Manila, there’s just too much FM stations! Maybe, we should continue praying about this so that in the future, we can listen to the EDGE on an FM station in the Metro.If you’re looking for devotionals, don’t worry, you can also check out the Word 4U Today section and be blessed! The layout of the site is pretty sleek. I think, it’s powered by Joomla. Heheh. Some techie words here. šŸ˜€The EDGE Radio also has a multiply account at http://theedgeradio.multiply.com/. This site is maintained by Ron Titular, who is a regular DJ/VJ of the EDGE. If you want to listen to podcasts and view the videos of the EDGE programs, go ahead and visit the “>EDGE Radio at Multiply.Every Friday, the EDGE Radio has a live video stream at their multiply site. Guess what, Pinoy Youth dot Org will be featured on the EDGE live video stream on June 27, 2008. I will give you updates regarding this in my future posts. šŸ˜€

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