Featured site: PerfectRhythm

If you are looking for an online place to hang out, listen to good music, you can visit PerfectRhythm. This site is hosted by Jordan Escusa, who is also the host DJ of NU 107.5’s “Against the Flow. He’s also working with The EDGE Radio (more of The EDGE later when I feature it on a separate post).With this site, you can listen to the episodes of Perfect Rhythm (PR), which are being aired on DZAS 702. If you are not a radio listener, then you can always listen online. If you have an iPod or any other mp3 or mp4 player, the podcasts are also available for download.It’s just easy to navigate through the site. The left sidebar features Jordan Escusa’s profile, the airing schedule of Perfect Rhythm, and a call for supporters. The middle column of the site contains the podcasts that you can listen to. The right side bar features some PR pics hosted by Flickr, the shoutbox, and the polls sponsored by PR. The site is really a podcast site. You won’t see any writeups there, or any articles for your eyes to feast on. But don’t worry, there are a lot of youthful blogs out there where you can get positive message and fun, too.Go on, check it out!

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