Christian Music Radio

Back in College, I discovered the music of Jars of Clay, dcTalk, Newboys, Third Day, Sixpence None the Richer, and other Christian bands. Man! Christian music does not have to be boring, corny and sentimental. It can also be loud, danceable and nice!I started collecting Christian music tapes whenever I got the chance. I saved some of my precious allowance for school so I could buy some cassette tapes. You see, I couldn’t afford CDs back then. I now enjoy my Christian music in CDs and DVDs but my tapes at home are still intact.One thing that’s lacking though is Christian Music Radio. I also discovered Against the Flow, a program in NU 107.5 FM every Monday night. It was a great experience to listen to Christian music after listening to death metal groups and hard core rock bands. Hahah. I still cherish those times of my College days.A year or so ago, a Christian music radio, The Edge, started operating in Manila at 91.5. But it was a short-lived journey. Due to some problems, the nightly broadcast stopped.Thankfully, though, the Edge Radio used another medium for broadcasting — the Internet. I can now listen to my favorite Christian music online at The Edge Radio website.

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